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Hit Mobile Games Come to Windows Phone 8 via Marmalade
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Hit Mobile Games Come to Windows Phone 8 via Marmalade

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Press Announcements Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Drawing on Marmalade’s recently-announced support for Windows Phone 8 and using the latest beta released on 25 March, both games have been ported and deployed in-house by the developers and are available now for download from the Windows Phone Store.


6th Planet, from Belgian developers Monkube, tells the story of a near future, where the planet Saturn suddenly changes into a possible place for humans to live. To find out what is going on a monkey is sent into space, setting up 50 levels of physics-based action in the style of classic ‘Lunar Lander’ arcade games. The story is told through 188 stunning comic book panels scattered between the levels and follows a series of events that will determine mankind’s future.


Propel Man, from Spiel Inc. with offices in New York and Mumbai, India, sees the titular hero fired out of a catapult, navigating obstacles and using his trusty jetpack to grab some air. Players must choose their launch angle, collect power-ups and keep an eye on their parachute ready to make a smooth landing. Realistic physics bring players close to the action while upgrades offer new equipment and bigger, better catapults to fly even further. Simple, responsive controls and tactical gameplay will keep players of all ages coming back for more.


Mohit Sureka, Founder and CEO of Spiel Studios: “Windows Phone 8 platform will become a natural progression for all developers in the coming times who would like to see their games reach a wide and global audience. It was pretty easy to port the game using Marmalade and the support we received was very good. Since our code base is the same across all platforms it will be easier to update future releases at the same time.”


Sven Van de Perre, Managing & Creative Director, Monkube: “Marmalade is an easy tool to work with and it has a very good performance engine. All of our work developing 6th Planet for Windows Phone 8 was done in a matter of days and we are very happy with the way our game looks running on these devices.”


6TH Planet from Monkube [is available for download here http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=2963f823-3bc4-4d48-9371-fa60ab0d6749


Propel Man from Spiel Games [is available for download here http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=697bfc9b-0b59-4587-aba6-292602a28465


Assets and screenshots for 6th Planet and Propel Man are available here: http://ow.ly/jsZ9g


Marmalade’s Chief Technology Officer, Tim Closs, will be presenting the cross-platform possibilities for developers targeting Windows Phone 8 at GDC San Francisco, at the session “Expand Your Opportunities to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 with Cross-Platform Engines and Libraries” on 28 March 2013, at 1:45-2:45pm    at Moscone West/Room 2022.


Propel Man and 6th Planet will be playable on Windows Phone 8 devices at GDC San Francisco from 27-29 March 2013. To see these exciting games running on Windows Phone 8 devices, please visit the Microsoft Lobby Bar or the Marmalade stand #941, both located in the South Hall of the Moscone center.

Read more: https://www.madewithmarmalade.com/app-showcase

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