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Microsoft AzureCon Virtual Event to Be Held on September 29

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8/31/2015 2:07:33 PM
Microsoft AzureCon Virtual Event to Be Held on September 29
Posted Monday, August 31, 2015 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Microsoft AzureCon Virtual Event to Be Held on September 29
Microsoft has announced a new virtual event, AzureCon, to be held on September 29 for developers and IT professionals who want to learn more about the latest Azure offerings and understand how other companies are using the platform. 

The free event will provide technical sessions, opportunities to hear directly from the engineering team behind the Azure platform and learn about what’s next with Azure. Following keynotes by Azure executives, members of the Azure product team and the user community will participate in live Q&A sessions and deliver technical sessions.

The event will focus on new Azure capabilities in compute, storage, and networking and will provide instruction on using Azure to build, deploy, and manage apps at scale. Discussion will include strategies for enabling hybrid, secure, and easy-to-manage cloud environments as well as areas such as machine learning, IoT, containers, and more.

AzureCon will include live, interactive and on-demand sessions. All of the content from AzureCon will be available on-demand after the event. Included will be:

- Live keynotes delivered by Scott Guthrie, Jason Zander, Bill Staples, and Azure other executives.
- Interactive Q&As with keynote speakers, technical leaders, and Azure partners.
- Technical lap-around sessions presented by Mark Russinovich, Scott Hanselman, and other technical leaders.
- More than 50 on-demand technical sessions that drill into Azure features and capabilities led by members of the Azure product team and Azure users. 


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