Microsoft Shows Docker Some Love with New Windows Server Containers

Posted 8/26/2015 8:21:27 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Microsoft Shows Docker Some Love with New Windows Server Containers
Microsoft has released the first preview of Windows Server Containers as part of its Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 release. 

The release includes support for the Windows platform in the Docker Engine and a preview of the Docker Engine for Windows. Visual Studio Tools for Docker has been updated to support Windows Server Containers, providing the ability to develop and deploy code to both Windows Server and Linux containers. The release also facilitates getting started with Windows Server Containers in Azure via a dedicated virtual machine image.

With this preview release Windows developers will experience the benefits of containers using the languages of their choice including .NET, ASP.NET, PowerShell or Python, Ruby on Rails, Java and others. Windows Server Containers are now part of the Docker open source project, and Microsoft is a founding member of the Open Container Initiative. Windows Server Containers can be deployed and managed either using the Docker client or PowerShell.

The preview of Visual Studio Tools for Docker, which enables developers to build and publish ASP.NET 5 Web Apps or console applications directly to a Docker container, has been updated to include support for the preview of Windows Server Containers. The extension automates creating and configuring a container host in Azure, building a container image which includes the application, and publishing it directly to a container host. 

Leveraging Azure, developers can now deploy a Windows Server 2016 virtual machine pre-configured with the container feature enabled and Docker Engine installed directly from the Azure Marketplace. Microsoft has provided a quick start guide with details including screen shots and a walkthrough video. 

The release also facilitates the creation of a virtual machine on a local machine using Hyper-V to act as a container host. Microsoft has published sample PowerShell scripts to GitHub that automate nearly the whole process.

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