Google Cloud Deployment Manager Ready for Production Use

Posted 8/13/2015 12:05:35 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Google Cloud Deployment Manager Ready for Production Use
Google has announced that its Cloud Deployment Manager is now generally available and ready for production usage. The Cloud Deployment Manager facilitates the deployment of Google Cloud Platform resources including virtual machines, networks, and storage to power applications..

Deployment Manager allows developers to specify the resources they want instead of the process to create those resources. With Deployment Manager, developers can create static or dynamic templates that describes the desired Google Cloud Platform configuration and then use the Deployment Manager to create Cloud resources as a single deployment.

Deployment Manager features include:

- Define infrastructure deployment in a template and deploy via command line or RESTful API

- Templates support Jinja and Python, providing the ability to take advantage of programming constructs, such as loops, conditionals, and parameterized inputs for deployments requiring logic

- UI support for viewing and deleting deployments in Google Developers Console

- Tight integration with Google Cloud Platform resources from compute to storage to networking, which provides faster provisioning and visualization of the deployment

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