deltaDNA Releases New SmartAds Mobile Game Ad Monetization Platform

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Posted 7/28/2015 12:04:11 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

deltaDNA Releases New SmartAds Mobile Game Ad Monetization Platform
deltaDNA has released the new SmartAds gaming ad management product which combines player targeting with dynamic ad mediation.
The new platform combines in-app purchases (IAP), analytics and ad-serving with data derived from player experiences. It provides the ability to customize a player’s monetization experience by segmenting them into either ad responsive or IAP responsive groups.

SmartAds facilitates ad-serving by allowing developers to maximize CPM (cost per mille) income as the platform predicts the value of each network and automatically cascades the mediation, based on the ad value in real time and at a user level. Developers can maximize impression density and fill-rates by using predictive modeling of player behaviors and player targeting to fully optimize ad relevancy.

SmartAds accesses over 100 ad networks through one SDK, providing the ability to set ad parameters and placing ads within the game from the deltaDNA campaign manager.  With the platform, in-game advertising can be managed either in “Auto” mode, where SmartAds is optimized to target players and set ad density based on a game dynamics, or in “Custom” mode, where users have complete control over targeting.

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