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NXP Releases NFC Solution for Linux and Android Drivers of IoT devices

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Posted Monday, June 29, 2015 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

NXP Releases NFC Solution for Linux and Android Drivers of IoT devices
NXP Semiconductors has released a new plug and play Near Field Communication (NFC) solution for Linux and Android drivers of IoT devices. The new, highly integrated NXP PN7120 helps create NFC solutions and enables exploration of new applications and use cases for IoT and the Smart Home including a variety of appliances and consumer electronics such as home network gateways and routers, Set-Top-Boxes (STBs), audio devices, printers, gaming consoles and more.

The new integrated solution includes all RF communication protocols for NFC, NFC controller interface (NCI) and Linux and Android drivers. For example, integrating the PN7120 into a smart TV can enable pairing to a router and introduce new use cases beyond traditional TV consumption such as personalized access, video on demand payment, maintenance and commissioning.

The PN7120 features an NFC contactless reader IC and embedded firmware with integrated communication protocols relevant for NFC. Through its drivers and software, the solution is optimized for Linux and Android, and easy to integrate in any other embedded operating system (OS). It uses the standardized NFC controller interface (NCI) maintained by the NFC Forum, to speed integration with the system’s main controller. The PN7120 comes with a Single Board Computer Demo Kit, including interface boards for the latest Raspberry Pi releases and for BeagleBone.


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