New HTML5 Hybrid App Development Platform from Monaca

Posted 6/26/2015 9:12:05 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

New HTML5 Hybrid App Development Platform from Monaca
Monaca, who offers an HTML5 hybrid app development platform, has released its latest tool – the Monaca Localkit - which provides the ability to create apps into any local development environment with the ability to sync to the cloud as necessary. Monaca Localkit comes with a standard installer, and packs all features in the GUI. No need to setup platform SDKs and other tools, Localkit works instantly after the setup. 

Monaca Localkit enables developers to create apps locally using their favorite development environment including Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, and Sublime Text. Developers can also use Monica with version control tools like Git and Subversion. Users can choose the best environment based on the  target user and purpose.

Monaca Localkit offers the Monaca Debugger, a live debugging tool specifically designed for HTML5 hybrid apps. Developers can immediately run the app on an actual device by simply saving a source code in progress. There is also the ability to use a USB connection between a device and PC to perform more serious debugging like JavaScript breakpoints and stepping using tools such as Chrome Dev Tools.

Features of the platform include:

- Creating, editing, debugging and testing Cordova apps on a local computer
- Previewing and inspecting apps in a local computer
- Debugging and testing app with the Monaca Debugger with live-sync using local Wi-Fi connection
- Built-in inspector with Monaca Debugger via USB debugging
- Remote build using Monaca Cloud

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