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The App Development Plumbing

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3/18/2013 9:28:01 AM
The App Development Plumbing
Posted Monday, March 18, 2013 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

The App Development Plumbing
Here is the story of a one man Android app developer and his journey through developing a Poker game for Android. This is a "story from the trenches" if I've ever heard one.

His name is Simon Tomlinson and he studied physics at Manchester University, UK, and went on to gain a PhD in electrical engineering, tells his story using plumbing as an analogy which most of us can relate to. He basically had a "zero budget" startup cost and did everything himself, from artwork, design, staffing, marketing and more.

I know many developers out there that go this route and unfortunately the end result might be the similar to Simon's.


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