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Red Hat to Offer New Mobile Application Platform
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Red Hat to Offer New Mobile Application Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Thursday, June 25, 2015

Red Hat has launched the new Red Hat Mobile Application Platform which incorporates technology from the company’s acquisition of FeedHenry with products from Red Hat's JBoss Middleware and OpenShift PaaS portfolio in addition to adding new mobile services. 

The platform provides mobile capabilities that include security, reusable connections to back-end systems, and collaborative/agile app development. In extending highly complex and sophisticated applications to mobile devices, Red Hat is extending its support behind the defining factors of the next generation of PaaS capabilities for middleware services. 

The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform supports the development, integration, deployment, and management of mobile solutions by allowing collaboration across development teams, such as front-end application developers, back-end IT integration, and DevOps teams. Red Hat also announced the availability of a developer offering in its public cloud application development and hosting environment, OpenShift Online. 

We talked briefly with Cathal McGloin, Vice President of Mobile Platforms for Red Hat, to get his thoughts on the platform.

ADM: Where do you see Red Hat in mobile in the next 12 months?

McGloin: Our new message of a fully integrated Mobile Application Platform resonates very well with enterprise customers and we are being invited to more RFI/RFP processes since we began to socialize this message over the last few months. We think this trend will continue and that Red Hat can come a major player in the market and our technology stack will become a reference architecture. We also see the trend of mobile and PaaS being evaluated as a single platform and we expect our launch on OpenShift to gain significant traction over the next 12 months.

ADM: With security always being an issue on mobile, what has Red Hat (one source) done for developers to insure they are building apps for a secure platform?

McGloin: Security is absolutely the number one concern when developing for mobile today. The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform has a set of APIs for developers to use that enable encryption of data in transit and at rest. In addition, we provide a high level of control over individual devices connecting to specific backend endpoints, enabling the security team to monitor and control access to all IT systems.

Read more: https://www.redhat.com/en/technologies/mobile/appl...


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