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TOPdesk Available as Virtual Machine in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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Posted Wednesday, June 24, 2015 by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

TOPdesk Available as Virtual Machine in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
TOPdesk, a provider of service management solutions for IT, facilities management and eHRM help desks, is now available as a virtual machine in the Microsoft Azure marketplace. 

TOPdesk develops, sells, implements and supports software that helps organizations efficiently organize their services. The software supports service desks and other service departments in performing and managing their tasks. 
TOPdesk helps companies support their companywide processes, and create organizational efficiencies by streamlining their clients’ call management, asset management and workflow management procedures. TOPdesk’s solutions provide organizations with the ability to create a single desk that can process all calls and support requests through a shared service model. With TOPdesk’s service management solution, all supporting departments can log and track calls, allocate tasks and manage outcomes of each request through a single solution. 
Now running on Azure’s infrastructure, customers can benefit from TOPdesk’s database based on years of experience and feedback from customers. The TOPdesk solution includes a self-service portal and reporting capabilities for organizational and departmental leaders. 


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