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Havok Releases New CPU Driven Graphical Effects Software for Game Development

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Posted Wednesday, June 10, 2015 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Havok Releases New CPU Driven Graphical Effects Software for Game Development
Havok has unveiled Havok FX, a new CPU-driven graphical effects software product offering high levels of detail and physics to particle effects. Havok FX allows developers to physically enable particle systems and to add a new interactive gameplay dimension to previously aesthetic visual effects. 

The lightweight technology is fully cross-platform with a focus on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Through its focus on CPU rather than GPU processing, Havok FX offers a lightweight, cross platform solution to creating dynamic and persistent particle effects across all next generation gaming platforms and PCs. Shrapnel, dust, goo, debris and smoke will interact with both the player and the environment, increasing the fidelity of the game world while also offering designers the ability to deliver gameplay altering effects.

Details include:

- Simplified debris and particle simulation: Havok FX powers physical effects that bridge the gap between accurate rigidbody simulation and purely visual effects forging a new class of in-game effects experience.

- Fast collision detection: Havok FX provides a highly parallelizable collision detection system powering a new order of magnitude of particle and debris bodies.

- Lightweight C++ framework: Easily integrate Havok FX with existing particle systems and quickly tap a range of existing effects or quickly customize to bring unique physically driven effects in-game.

- Integration with Havok Physics: Direct integration with the newly re-architected Havok Physics.


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