Xamarin Enterprise Mobility Management Platform Now Offers Interoperability with IBM MobileFirst Protect

Posted 6/10/2015 11:00:48 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Xamarin Enterprise Mobility Management Platform Now Offers Interoperability with IBM MobileFirst Protect
Xamarin’s Enterprise Mobility Management now has interoperability with IBM MobileFirst Protect to provide more comprehensive methods for securely delivering native iOS and Android apps. Developers write their apps in C#, and connect them to IBM MobileFirst’s data integration, notification, security, and analytics capabilities - all in C#, using IBM’s native libraries for iOS and Android.

This capability allows enterprises to wrap their Xamarin apps and leverage IBM MobileFirst Protect capabilities, such as: requiring an application PIN when using the protected application, jailbreak detection, and using MobileFirst app tunneling for secure access to corporate data. Additionally, IBM MobileFirst Protect can insulate enterprises with data loss prevention (DLP) in their mobile apps by restricting users’ ability to cut/copy/paste, print, or using “open in” functions outside of whitelisted apps.
Xamarin apps can be protected with IBM MobileFirst Protect in three steps:

- Build an Xamarin app.
- Upload the iOS and Android app packages to IBM MobileFirst Protect for containerization and configuration of security policies.
- Distribute and manage apps through the IBM MobileFirst Protect portal.

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