LinuxCon North America to Offer Expanded Access to Cloud and Container Technologies

Posted 6/9/2015 1:01:46 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

LinuxCon North America to Offer Expanded Access to Cloud and Container Technologies
The Linux Foundation will again host LinuxCon on August 17 – 19 in Seattle, Washington offering the opportunity for developers, sys admins, architects and all types and levels of technical talent to gather together at one event for education, collaboration and problem-solving for the Linux platform.

The event offers more than 100 sessions ranging from tutorials to deep technical dives and everything in between and 1,000 Linux community members with which to collaborate. LinuxCon North America has teamed up with the Linux Plumbers Conference on a shared track, offering the most skilled level developers the opportunity to gain knowledge on core development.

This year LinuxCon will be hosting two additional events all accessible with one registration fee. 

CloudOpen Conference

The co-located CloudOpen conference will focus on open source projects, products, technologies and companies that comprise the cloud and are driving the cloud, big data and networking ecosystems. CloudOpen offers more than 60 sessions (including talks, hands-on tutorials, and keynotes) covering Cloud Platforms, Automation and Management Tools, DevOps, Virtualization, Containers, Software-Defined Networking, Storage & Filesystems, Big Data Tools and Platforms, open source best practices, and more.


LinuxCon attendees will also be able to participate in ContainerCon, which is an result of the growing importance of virtualization to enterprise IT operations and cloud services. The event focuses on the education and innovation needed to make virtualization systems more efficient, adaptive, and easier to deploy. Linux has been at the center of this movement with advancements in nearly every aspect of virtualization with Linux containers. 

ContainerCon will bring together leading contributors in Linux containers, the Linux kernel, and related projects. By being co-located with CloudOpen, ContainerCon will bring together a diverse range of experts from cloud computing and Linux containers to offer a general technical conference that is open to everyone - creating a place where companies can network with users and developers to advance computing.

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