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innerexile’s Self Healing Cell Phone Case is Best Tech I’ve Seen in a While

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Posted Saturday, May 30, 2015 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

innerexile’s Self Healing Cell Phone Case is Best Tech I’ve Seen in a While
Self healing technology? Who thought I would want that in a cell phone case. Yet anyone who gets one of innerexile’s transparent self-healing protective cases is going to do the same thing I did – scratch it to see it heal itself! It’s pretty remarkable to watch and it happens so quickly you have to do it over and over again just to believe what’s really going on.

So how does it do it? The innerexile cases employ an innovative and patented self-healing coating technology and painting technologies for scratch resistance. The company says that tests show that the innerexile “hydra” transparent self-healing protective case can withstand a copper brush test with an applied force of 1000g in a 25-degree room temperature environment.

They sent me a demo case for my iPhone 6 Plus and all I can say is that its really cool to make a scratch and watch it disappear. All the fun aside thought, it also serves as a really good, grippy case for my phone. 

They make cases for a number of different phones, tablets, keyboards and more. Get one for yourself and you might find yourself spending more time playing with your case than the phone itself!


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