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Manage Reduces SDK Footprint and Enhances Services of Its Programmatic Mobile Ad Serving Platform
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Manage Reduces SDK Footprint and Enhances Services of Its Programmatic Mobile Ad Serving Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Friday, May 29, 2015

Manage has released the latest version of its new software development kit (SDK), Manage SDK, which allows publishers to monetize their apps through a variety of ad formats, including full screen video, interstitial, Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definition (MRAID) rich media, and Experience Ads. 

Manage offers a full spectrum data-driven mobile marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers through SSP, DSP, and DMP offerings. Manage handles 32 billion RTB impressions daily across mobile in-app and mobile display inventory. This latest release builds on Manage's ecosystem of global advertisers, trading desks and ad agencies, while adding new features for user experiences and reducing the footprint of the SDK in half to streamline the size of publishers' apps.

Manage matches ads from global brands to inventory from publishers via its proprietary programmatic bidding engine. It offers advertisers more than 15,000 audience segments and delivers high viewability with in-app mobile ad types. 
The updated Manage SDK builds on the previous version with the following features:
- High-response video end cards: Engaging end cards appear after video ads and present users with tailored calls to action to improve performance and ultimately drive higher CPMs and revenue to the publisher.

-  Support for MRAID: With its new support for MRAID - an IAB standard - publishers can serve any MRAID-compliant rich media ad.

- Experience Ad update: Supports the latest version of the Manage Experience Ad, which allows users to play a timed demo of an app before deciding to install. The SDK supports this format in both rewarded and non-rewarded forms.
- My Manage Publisher Portal: The SDK includes access to an updated self-service portal for publishers to manage their ad zones, review performance, access analytics, and track revenue. The flexible API integrates into publishers' existing reporting platforms.
- The Manage SDK is compatible with all major smartphone and tablet platforms, including iOS, Android, Unity, and Adobe 

Read more: http://www.manage.com/

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