5/29/2015 3:00:28 PM
Instart Logic Releases New Updates to Its Software Defined Application Delivery
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Instart Logic Releases New Updates to Its Software Defined Application Delivery

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Friday, May 29, 2015

Instart Logic has released updates to its Software-Defined Application Delivery (SDAD) platform which offers new performance features including JavaScript Interception that accelerates third party code, and development of Browser Cache Purge to extend cache control to the browser.

Instart Logic’s SDAD platform is built modern-day applications and gives customers programmatic access and control, delivering superior user experiences and performance. Updates to the SDAD platform include:

- Expanded APIs and a new management portal for improved agility and end-to-end programmatic control.

- A big data platform that enables consolidated real-time reporting and analytics of globally distributed information.

- Embedded machine learning to automatically improve performance.

- Nanovisor 2.0, an upgrade to its patented client technology, which enables new innovations in performance and security.

As part of its next-generation SDAD platform, Instart Logic today also announced two new performance features: JavaScript Interception and Browser Cache Purge.

JavaScript Interception

The new JavaScript Interception improves performance, availability and reliability, by extending JavaScript Streaming capability to intercept both static and dynamic third party content through its SDAD service. This feature is made possible by the new Nanovisor 2.0 that includes a client-side interception system, enabling runtime redirection of client-side asset requests. The JavaScript Interception solution provides the ability to:

- Re-route third party JavaScript requests through Instart Logic’s service, providing performance, availability and reliability.

- Removes domain name lookup and connection establishment overhead.

- Apply SmartSequence technology to third party JavaScript code.

JavaScript Interception is the first use case of this capability, but in the future will be deployed to redirect other third party elements such as CSS, fonts and images.

Browser Cache Purge

Instart Logic also announced it is developing a new performance feature, Browser Cache Purge, that extends programmatic cache control to the browser. Browser Cache Purge changes the current model of web application development by making caching an integral component of application design. 

With Browser Cache Purge publishers will be able to push changes to the browser via an API and clear browser cache instantaneously whenever necessary. This new capability improves performance by eliminating unnecessary network requests to check for current content. Instart Logic is initiating an Early Experience Program to recruit application publishers to provide input into how this capability impacts application design.

Instart Logic is also opening up its SDAD platform and providing developers with programmatic control of the end-to-end delivery path with a complete set of APIs. The new APIs include:

- Account Management: programmatic control of account settings, user access and privileges.

- Session Management: active management of authenticated sessions.

- Configuration: full control of configuration settings for optimization features.

- Statistics: user defined, near real-time reporting of all system activity.

- Cache Management: real-time, end-to-end control of purging the cache.

- Activity Reporting: complete management for searching, reading and updating tasks.
Instart Logic’s JavaScript Interception solution is available today as part of the company’s SDAD platform. The APIs will be available this summer and included as part of the platform, with pricing starting at $5,000 a month.

Customers can sign up for the Browser Cache Early Experience Program by visiting the Instart Logic Developer Central which includes the Developer Community and API documentation.

Read more: http://www.instartlogic.com/blog/client-side-inter...

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