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Orasi’s New Toolkit Expands Software Testing Capabilities
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Orasi’s New Toolkit Expands Software Testing Capabilities

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Friday, March 27, 2015

Orasi Software has announced it is expanding its line of software testing utilities including the addition of the upcoming Orasi Performance Test Intelligence Connector (OPTIC).

Orasi is an Atlanta-based quality assurance software reseller and professional services company who offers products targeted to supporting or enhancing software test automation, team communication, reporting and process validation, and other important facets of software development. OPTIC expand this portfolio by connecting two solutions: HP LoadRunner and AppDynamics. 

Nick Kavadellas, president and CEO of Orasi Software says, “We have discovered that even the best, most carefully developed products can often be enhanced by bridging them with other quality products, and Orasi has made that one of its focuses. With the addition of OPTIC, we will be bridging two of the industry’s most prominent solutions.”

Orasi has developed add-ons related to all of these activities in support of test automation and acceleration, as well as intelligence gathering, reporting and compliance. Some of the utilities offered in the Orasi toolkit include:

- API2Go: This web services test accelerator, proven to reduce script development times by an average of 50% and test execution times by up to 70%, works with HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT). API2Go provides a standardized, stable, integrated web services testing framework that allows for more comprehensive testing in less time. API2Go also eases the migration from HP UFT GUI testing to web services testing for even greater ROI.

- JIRA Bridge: Orasi Software’s JIRA Bridge for HP ALM/Quality Center is an enterprise-class integration solution that synchronizes defect and requirement information between Atlassian’s JIRA and HP ALM and HP Quality Center. The result is a seamless and near-real-time feedback loop from development to testing and back again. More than a communications tool, JIRA Bridge initiates the cycle by automatically generating issues when test cases fail and offers powerful customization, data analysis and automation features.

- Orasi Automated Reporting Solution (OARS): This services offering automates the extraction, transformation and loading of test data into pre-defined templates, providing programmatic recreation of metrics and KPIs in the form of dashboards, scorecards and reports. By transforming raw data into actionable information, OARS empowers decision makers with the insights to monitor progress and improve the effectiveness of IT resources, workflows, projects and organizations.

- Orasi Digital Authenticator (ODA): As regulatory compliance requirements expand, enterprises look to workflow products to validate software development and testing activities. ODA helps achieve this goal by enhancing HP ALM’s built-in workflow capabilities with validation of requirements, test cases, defects and more through verifiable digital signature authentication. ODA coordinates with HP ALM’s native history logging and audit trails, yet allows customization of the when, what and how of approvals, including multiple validation states with additional workflow approvals.

“Although much of Orasi’s reputation is built on selling and consulting for industry-leading products that promote higher software quality and user satisfaction, we are contributors to that pursuit in our own right,” said Kavadellas. “Our line of utilities is one of the ways in which we help the development and testing communities build better software - faster, more efficiently and with higher ROI.”

Read more: http://www.orasi.com/Pages/default.aspx


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