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Aterica’s New Technology, Veta™, The world’s First EpiPen® Smart Case And App Holds Great Promise
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Aterica’s New Technology, Veta™, The world’s First EpiPen® Smart Case And App Holds Great Promise

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Digital health company, Aterica’s new technology, Veta™, the world’s First EpiPen® Smart Case and app can help those who suffer with Anaphylaxis.

Veta™ has a corresponding app and high-tech case for an EpiPen® which uses a cloud-based network to connect. It’s not just about Veta’s™ rapid response and notifications during an anaphylactic event; it’s also about the ongoing monitoring of EpiPen® location, expiration dates and extreme temperatures, Dr. Harold Kim, allergy and clinical immunologist stated.

Veta™ runs on both Android and iPhone® smartphones, iPod® devices supporting Bluetooth® Smart and Wi-Fi enabled tablets. It provides an interactive system of protection for both users and their support networks. This system is capable of supporting 20 million loved ones and caregivers. 

Aterica Health has developed the world’s first anaphylaxis and food allergy support system that along with its corresponding app work, connects caregivers and loved ones to those with life-threatening allergies, with the benefits of increased security, freedom and confidence for both users and caregivers.

Digital health companies are becoming more commonplace in the focus of consumer health. A solution from Alterica, for example, provides users monitoring, health measurement and diagnostic products which lets individuals actively manage their health. Veta is a food allergy and comprehensive anaphylaxis support system. The system includes cloud-connected mobile software and hardware components which assist individuals and families who live with anaphylaxis in preparing them for and assisting with any reaction that may occur.

The critical issue that digital health companies must address: Can they stand up to the growing worldwide challenges of anaphylaxis and food allergies?

Kim said that all of Alterica’s new solution elements work together to provide a comprehensive and interactive system of protection.

Research indicates that four million people live with severe allergies and use EpiPens® every year. Veta™ smart case is a replacement of the stock EpiPen® case, introducing many critical support features.

Similarly, the Veta™ smart case works alongside the Veta™ app providing users additional real-time connection support which has never before been available. 

The app runs on iPhone® and Android™ smartphones, Wi-Fi enabled tablets and iPod® devices supporting Bluetooth® Smart. The Veta™ smart case and the Veta™ app also include features that provide one-click access to any private and extended community support network and emergency response. These features are followed by video and training materials on correct use of the users EpiPen®. The company also provides helpful resources such as open pharmacy locations, nearest hospitals and safe shopping lists.

Aterica’s users indicate that Veta™ provides an extra level of assurance and support. Veta™’s customers found that with the auto-injector, a user won’t have to worry.  
For more information about Aterica please visit http://www.aterica.com.

Read more: https://www.aterica.com/how-it-works

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