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Opera Software Launches Opera TV Ads SDK for Mobile Development

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Posted Tuesday, September 09, 2014 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Opera Software Launches Opera TV Ads SDK for Mobile Development
Opera Software has launched the Opera TV Ads SDK allowing developers to serve video advertising on any platform.

Opera’s video advertising solution was previously available exclusively to apps distributed via the Opera TV Store application platform and developed through the Opera TV Snap technology, which transforms online video channels into apps for connected-TV devices. 

Now the Opera TV Ads SDK is available as a standalone feature for any HTML5 app or Smart TV device, whether on the Opera TV Store or other application platforms. The solution integrates with Opera Mediaworks advertising platform.

Built on HTML5, the SDK gives access to a global ad supply from Opera Mediaworks’ demand partners across multiple networks, as well as Opera’s owned and operated ad networks and demand-side platform. Ad management and reporting is facilitated through a web-based central dashboard and the SDK also allows developers to upload, schedule and track their directly sold campaigns.
Integration of advertising with the Opera TV Ads SDK also provides TV manufacturers and pay-TV operators the ability to access a one-stop solution for placement of video advertising anywhere inside the device user interface, including targeting users across apps and interactive advertising via linear broadcast, where available.


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