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Mobile Engagement Metrics: Sure You Have App Analytics, But Do You Know How to Use Them
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Mobile Engagement Metrics: Sure You Have App Analytics, But Do You Know How to Use Them

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Whether your business is driven by in-app advertising, purchases, paid subscriptions or some other model, driving your revenue is fundamentally dependent on analytics and metrics. 

And its not good enough just having metrics available, but identifying which are the most important to your specific situation. Analytics are great, but “analytics” is a misleading term. Having data and effectively analyzing that data for your specific situation are worlds apart.

Industry benchmarks provide insight into the overall market, but knowing your user base and current active users provides you with your distinctive baseline for driving engagement. I’m reminded of an interview Mark Cuban gave recently where he mentioned that every three months he has a full blood work test done. He does so to create a baseline for his body’s metrics, instead of using what he calls “useless” baseline metric models for the general population.

It makes sense. Your situation is unique. And to help you better understand your distinctive situation, Localytics has produced a series of guides to provide insight into using your app metrics. Their publication,“8 Critical Metrics for Measuring App User Engagement,” discusses how to use analytics to measure the success of your mobile app. 

The guide covers the following:

- The eight engagement metrics you should be measuring for your specific app’s success, including why they’re critical and how they impact your bottom line.

- Suggestions for running marketing campaigns and boosting ROI.

- Statistics around understanding your user behavior and how it impacts your app’s performance.

- How to get started in structuring your specific analytic profile.

- How to create and run targeted marketing campaigns in five easy steps.

The expertise offered in the guide is a result of Localytics’ relationships with over 5,000 customers. The company now provides marketing and analytics services for more than 25,000 apps, 1.5 billion devices and 50 billion data points monthly.

Read more: http://info.localytics.com/4d-8-critical-app-engag...


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