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2013 predictions for mobile
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2013 predictions for mobile

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2013 predictions for mobile

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Forms has released their top predictions for the mobile economy in 2013, it's an interesting list compiled of different facets in mobile – some we agree with, some we don't..

1. HTML5 will make a comeback thus making smart phones less expensive.
2. Companies will continue to release rectangular slabs of plastic.
3. A few companies that were late into the mobile market will finally get into the game.
4. Wireless technology will come to devices that were smothered by mobile technology.
5. Samsung will continue to dominate.
6. So will Foxconn.
7. Microsoft will struggle to sell phones.
8. Dark horses will challenge the third ecosystem.
9. Carriers will lose more to software providers.
10. Demand for big data will rise


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