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How to Get People To Use Your App, and Keep em!

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6/30/2014 8:56:38 AM
How to Get People To Use Your App, and Keep em!
Posted Monday, June 30, 2014 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

How to Get People To Use Your App, and Keep em!
Measuring and optimizing for the right engagement metrics is the key to attaining and keeping app users. 

Whether your business model is driven by in-app advertising, purchases, or paid subscriptions, driving your revenue is fundamentally dependent on personalization and engagement. The metrics are available, but identifying which are the most important for tracking engagement and are the most actionable can be tricky. 

Localytics has released a new publication, Eight Critical Metrics for Measuring App User Engagement, which provides an outline of the engagement metrics critical to app success. The in-depth guide provides suggestions for running marketing campaigns and boosting ROI. 

The guide covers:

 - The eight engagement metrics you should be measuring for app success, including why they are critical and what insights you gain from them.

- You will learn how to create user baselines to help understand and analyze session length, session interval, time in app, screen flow and more.

- You will receive the most up to date industry statistics around user behavior and how they impact app performance.

- Learn how to get started in structuring your analytics and running targeted marketing campaigns in five easy steps.

The guide is a free download and is available at the link below.


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