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Acision Releases New WebRTC SDK for Enterprise
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Acision Releases New WebRTC SDK for Enterprise

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Acision has launched its WebRTC SDK to allow enterprises to incorporate browser-based WebRTC functionality, such as video and voice calling as well as content sharing, chat and IM sessions, into web and mobile applications.

Companies can integrate the latest click-to-call (Voice), video-chat and IP messaging solutions, which can be built into or on top of websites or mobile apps, via a single SDK all in one place. With the WebRTC SDK, developers can create new apps or add-ons to pre-existing apps and services, by using the single interface with self-service access of Acision's forge site.  

The platform supports iOS and Android devices, as well as web browsers with these key features:

Smarter Communication: Rich messaging, presence, and audio/video API enables developers to tailor communications to their needs.

Security: WebRTC media is secure with messaging, presence, and signaling all transported over secure HTTP and WebSocket connections.

Scalable, cloud-based solution: The Acision SDK is deployed in a secure HIPPA certified, elastic-scaling, multi-tenant, public cloud. Private cloud deployments are also available.

Acision SDK: The SDK allows enterprises and carriers to B2B and B2C communications to native mobile and web apps.

Read more: http://www.acision.com/services/enterprise/webrtc


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