6/21/2014 7:21:04 AM
Develop Apps for Any Device and Any Platform With AppMethod's New Platform
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Develop Apps for Any Device and Any Platform With AppMethod's New Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Saturday, June 21, 2014

Embarcadero has introduced its latest release of Appmethod which allows developers to use C++ to create apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X. 

This release of Appmethod now includes a "Free Forever" subscription plan that C++ developers can use to create Android apps to be published on any public app store (e.g., Amazon App Store and Google Play). Appmethod also enables developers to build and publish apps for all other supported device platforms for 30 days.

Appmethod provides over 100 cross-platform UI controls with a common API. Appmethod also natively compiles the app to run directly on the CPU, ensuring developers deliver fast apps for a positive user experience.

Appmethod's Enterprise Mobility Services can be used to securely expose custom APIs over REST/JSON, access enterprise data from major database vendors with the included SQL database connectors, and provides a secure, embedded server database. Appmethod also features a common component API for MBaaS services, like push notifications, user management and storage (files and objects).

Appmethod offers an end-to-end solution from client to cloud to back end. Developers can integrate any REST or SOAP-based service including MBaaS services such as Parse and Kinvey, and extend their apps with cloud services such as SecureAuth (2-Factor Authentication) and Shephertz (App42 MBaaS).

Read more: http://www.appmethod.com/features


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