6/17/2014 9:26:53 AM
Artisan Adds Push Notifications with Embedded Support for Message Testing, Optimization, and Personalization
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Artisan Adds Push Notifications with Embedded Support for Message Testing, Optimization, and Personalization

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Artisan has announced the addition of push notifications with embedded support for message testing, optimization, and personalization as part of its Mobile Experience Management (MEM) platform. 

Artisan's push notification capabilities use the analytics captured in its MEM platform so developers can deliver different messages to different mobile app user segments based on demographic and behavioral data. For each user segment, developers can also easily create deep links to a specific screen within an app. These deep links provide flexibility for defining how audiences engage with and navigate through the app experience. 

In addition, the platform provides the ability to run A/B tests on different variations of a push notification and compare results to determine what content leads to the highest conversion rates.

Artisan provides an end-to-end referral tracking system so that developers know exactly what users did after they click on a notification. With the Artisan MEM platform, every user action stemming from a push message – every click and swipe occurring within the app – is tracked and recorded for anytime analysis. Companies can create custom reports by filtering data and applying business rules before or after data is collected. 

In addition to the addition of push notifications, Artisan has added new in-app messaging support which provides multiple templates providing the ability to communicate dynamically with users while they're engaged with an app. Formats include slide-in messages, pop-ups, and screen takeovers. The text, images, and backgrounds in these messages are all customizable without the need for companies to touch the underlying code of an app. 

Also new to the platform are marketing billboards which can be placed within an app and allow developers and product managers to easily update the content of an app. After initial development, these billboards can be designated as customizable content areas. Non-technical members of the team can then adapt and target messages through the in-app billboards for different marketing campaigns.

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