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Tylted keeps pushing HTML5 into new heights
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Tylted keeps pushing HTML5 into new heights

Richard Harris Richard Harris in HTML5 Saturday, December 15, 2012

HTML5 games in the past 12 months have really started to take a turn into the main stream spotlight - even getting close to rivaling some well known native apps.

In an interview with developer Tylted, they explain how the they have used HTML5 to release some great game titles and how they are pushing the envelop of the technology to keep it growing strong.

"I remember when we were sort of kicking the game around internally," Otremba recollects. "I sat in on one of the development meetings and one of the guys said, 'I really want to be able to have this game function such that when you connect with a punch, I want your phone to vibrate,' and I thought 'Wow, that is a brilliant idea. That's really cool.' Instantly, two of the developers in the room said, 'It's not possible with HTML5,' and I said, 'Come on, guys, let's see if we can figure this out,' and nearly a week later, they came back and they said, 'We figured it out.'"

Read more: http://blog.games.com/2012/12/14/html5-games-tylte...

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