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New Study Shows Targeting Push Notifications Increases Response Rates Up to 300 percent
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New Study Shows Targeting Push Notifications Increases Response Rates Up to 300 percent

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Urban Airship has released the findings from its latest Good Push Index (GPI) data study examining response rates of highly targeted push notifications compared to messages broadcast to most of an app’s audience. 

The study, which includes analysis of more than 1,000 apps and 3.8 billion push notifications, shows that highly targeted messages drive 293 percent more influenced app opens on average than broadcast messages.

Urban Airship analyzed its customers' data in aggregate to compare push influenced open rates for messages sent to more than 95 percent of an app’s active audience (broadcast) versus messages sent to less than 5 percent of an app’s active audience (highly targeted). The study’s findings are broken out by six industry verticals - Retail, Media, Games, Entertainment, Sports and Gambling.

Urban Airship suggests that while targeted push messages drive performance improvements, other data shows the industry is in early stages of using mobile to establish deeper relationships through personally relevant messaging and app experiences. 

In a separate study, 500 individuals involved in IT completed Urban Airship’s Mobile Maturity Self-Assessment with results showing that 85 percent have adopted mobile apps, which were identified as the most “essential channel” for engagement above all other common mobile tactics. However, the study showed majority of apps deliver the same messages and app experience to all users. 

According to Urban Airship’s Mobile Maturity Benchmarks Report (February 2014), one-third of companies that collect user preferences, behaviors and location data indicated they don’t actually use the insight to tailor content and messaging.

Urban Airship offers mobile relationship management solutions to streamline the creation, delivery and management of highly targeted cross-platform mobile push messages, in-app messages, rich app pages, Apple Passbook passes and Google Wallet cards.

Read more: http://urbanairship.com/GPI-targeting


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