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Mashery Provides API Insights with Video Series

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5/8/2014 10:10:19 AM
Mashery Provides API Insights with Video Series
Posted Thursday, May 08, 2014 by Stuart Parkerson, Publisher Emeritus

Mashery Provides API Insights with Video Series
Mashery, an API management company, has developed a series of API Video Briefs, which are short-form videos that highlight insights from a number of Mashery customers, employees and other industry experts. 

Each video contains a single message that, as the name suggests, offers a brief insight into the challenges associated with API management. The API Video Briefs are posted on the Mashery website on the Videos webpage

Examples of the series include:

- Biggest Surprise Lessons, Peter Moeykens - TomTom

- APIs: Nouns or Verbs, Peter Coffee -

- Hierarchy of Developer Motivations - Lynda Smith, Twillio

- Don't Confuse an API Strategy with a Business Model, John Musser - API Science

- APIs as a Tactic to Advance Business Strategy, Daniel Jacobson - Netflix

- APIs Simplify eCommerce Strategy, Andy Lloyd - NetSuite

- Cultural Lessons When Exposing APIs, Atticus Tysen - Intuit

- 4 Rules for APIs in a Data Rich World, Dr. Andreas Weigend - Social Data Lab


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