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MobileDevHQ and HasOffers Launch Organic Downloads Mobile App ASO Service
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MobileDevHQ and HasOffers Launch Organic Downloads Mobile App ASO Service

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MobileDevHQ has launched a new service, Organic Downloads, which enhances ASO analytics by estimating the number of downloads any search term (or Top Chart or featured list) is driving for an app.

The new feature is a result of a one-click integration between MobileDevHQ and HasOffers, a paid attribution analytics company. This integration combines the data and insights from both paid and organic app marketing efforts to provide total clarity across all channels, helping to better focus time and resources more effectively. 

Organic Downloads helps marketers and publishers think differently about app store optimization and their organic downloads to make decisions on where to spend resources, including:

- Should I focus more on this keyword or that keyword?
- Is it worth it for me to spend this money in paid advertising to jump 10 spots in the Top Charts?
- Did being featured really help my app?

The integration with MobileAppTracking helps makes the process of estimating organic downloads seamless. MobileAppTracking helps pinpoint which paid channel is driving the most and highest quality installs and the new Organic Download service then tracks the rankings for over a million search terms, and offers search volume estimations for each term, so developers know everywhere an a app ranks and how frequently users search for that term. 

Customers can use this data in conjunction with their rank tracking and attribution analytics for a crisper workflow around app store optimization and burst spend optimization through the following:

Using a more effective key performance indicator (KPI): Install estimates are a more effective KPI to track than simply rank performance, giving insights into where an app is performing well or poorly in app store search. Organic Downloads as a KPI can help in understanding ASO performance.

Finding keyword opportunities: By exposing keywords a publisher/marketer might not have focused on before but which are sending installs, can help find better keyword opportunities for an app. 

Optimizing burst spend: With install estimates for Top Charts,  Organic Downloads can provide the ability to learn if a burst paid ad spend for rank position is worthwhile: did it really lead to enough organic installs to make the spend ROI positive?

Read more: https://www.mobiledevhq.com/announcingorganicdownl...

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