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MediaBrix Now Natively Supports Intel's Architecture Including Free To Play Games
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MediaBrix Now Natively Supports Intel's Architecture Including Free To Play Games

Richard Harris Richard Harris in HTML5 Friday, April 11, 2014

Collaboration with Intel Provides a Scalable Monetization Option for Android App and Game Developers—Such as Vector Unit—and Features Immersive Ads from Top Brands

MediaBrix is extending its proprietary emotional targeting and Breakthrough Moments™ (BTMs) technology as an in-game ad platform that natively supports Intel® Architecture. Through this extension, Android app and game developers will have support to run rich media, video and other innovative advertising formats on mobile devices and tablets based on Intel® Architecture. Intel’s latest platform empowers developers to build games with lower power consumption and faster 64 bit processing, which has triple the memory, twice the average performance and four times the input-output bandwidth of the previous generation of Intel processors. The chip makes games look better, run smoother and load faster on Intel processors and devices so people can play sleeker games for longer intervals of time. What’s more, MediaBrix provides Intel developers with a comprehensive ad solution for free-to-play games (F2P) monetization and serves immersive advertising from Fortune 500 brands.

MediaBrix is the only company capable of delivering unified emotional targeting and BTMs technology to mobile devices and tablets based on Intel® Architecture. MediaBrix helps Intel developers monetize by reaching game players during BTMs—natural, critical points in gaming where people are most receptive to brand messages. This includes when a player gets a new high-score, achieves a personal best or gets stuck on a level and is in need of help. MediaBrix ad products are additive and enhance gameplay, helping consumers engage with and establish a personal connection with brands, resulting in higher yield for developers.

As an Intel® Software Partner, MediaBrix had technical and marketing support to help optimize its SDK for the latest Intel platforms. MediaBrix’s SDK for Android was tested and verified to run effectively on mobile devices based on Intel® Architecture. The company also collaborated with Intel to help optimize its SDK on Intel’s latest platform for tablet devices.

“MediaBrix is proud to announce its relationship with Intel,” said Ari Brandt, CEO and Co-founder, MediaBrix. “As an Intel® Software Partner, we are working together to support developers optimized on Intel’s latest platform, while having access to Intel’s technical and marketing support centers.”

Vector Unit is one of hundreds of developers now using emotional targeting and BTMs through mobile devices and tablets based on Intel® Architecture to improve monetization. Vector Unit offers high-quality, downloadable games moxie, with spirit, pip and verve and utilizes emotional targeting and BTMs on popular mobile and tablet games such as Beach Buggy Blitz to incorporate seamless brand advertising that respects the user experience in its games.

“We’re excited to incorporate MediaBrix’s emotional targeting and BTM technology solution on mobile devices and tablets based on Intel® Architecture,” said Matt Small, CEO, Vector Unit. “Tablets and phones built on Intel x86 processors are a growing and important part of our high-end mobile games market. Now, we can also offer additive rich media advertising units that respect the user experience, which will help us earn more money from brand advertising.”

Benefits to Game Developers

The MediaBrix platform extension offers developers benefits such as:

  •  Compatibility for developers building games for mobile devices and tablets based on Intel® Architecture
  • A simple SDK solution that has been tested and optimized to natively integrate with Intel® Architecture
  • User-friendly, immersive advertising products that help developers generate money from top brands

Read more: http://www.mediabrix.com/for-developers/overview/

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