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How To Get App Funding For Your Project, It's Easier Than You Think

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4/9/2014 11:45:45 AM
How To Get App Funding For Your Project, It's Easier Than You Think
Posted Wednesday, April 09, 2014 by BJ Lackland

How To Get App Funding For Your Project, Its Easier Than You Think
Entrepreneurs can spend a lot of time and energy figuring out how to get the capital injection they need to grow their businesses. The availability of investment funds from VC’s and angels is tight and equity fund raising is time-consuming and dilutive. And banks don’t have the loan products or underwriting models that suit asset-light App and SaaS companies.

Seattle-based Lighter Capital fills the funding gap left by VC’s, angel investors and banks. Started by entrepreneurs who believed there was a better way to get tech businesses funded, Lighter Capital’s innovative RevenueLoanTM is designed specifically for tech based and app economy businesses.

With the emergence of the App Economy it’s time to make funds available that suit the emerging new business models. Envisiontel – a SaaS company focused on training apps for the Salesforce App Exchange recently received $150,000 from Lighter Capital to help them grow their team.

Said Envisiontel’s Founder and CEO, Matt Lee, “As a software vendor, we were in a unique financial position. We didn’t have capital assets like buildings or heavy machinery to leverage with traditional banks in order to acquire working capital and we weren’t quite ready to raise venture capital. We needed to add some headcount in order to grow but wanted to maintain control in order to fine-tune our business model. Lighter Capital offered a solution that was perfect for us.”

Lighter Capital has funded 45 technology, SaaS and App loans in the USA and is growing its footprint in Canada. Entrepreneurs like the flexibility the RevenueLoanTM affords them – repayments rise and fall with the business’s revenue ebb and flow, there are no personal guarantees, no board seats and no bank-like financial covenants.

Furthermore, Lighter Capital frequently makes multiple loans to the same company, expanding the capital availability with the growth of the business. What many also like is that it’s not equity – so entrepreneurs and early investors don’t suffer dilution and loss of control. Said Lee, “By paying back our loan as a percentage of monthly revenue, their model gave us the capital we needed with the control and flexibility we desired.”

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