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Apperian Opens API for Enterprise Mobile App Development
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Apperian Opens API for Enterprise Mobile App Development

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Apperian has announced the availability of an open API for its entire enterprise mobility platform. Apperian offers a fully extensible platform for users to integrate and extend their own solutions into their own or third-party IT infrastructures. Recently, the company launched a new mobile app policy engine for enterprises and business partners to develop custom app usage and security policies for enterprise mobile apps.  

Apperian’s set of open APIs is a collection of RESTful web service interfaces. These interfaces handle the management of many key elements of the Apperian platform to extend, integrate, and create additional functionality and value based on a customer’s specific business needs. 

This allows external systems to access capabilities, such as publishing apps, performing app inspections, accessing reports, crowdsourcing, monitoring the overall system, and more. The API interfaces are already in use both within the Apperian platform and in conjunction with other partners like McAfee, IBM, Appcelerator, Mobiquity, Xamarin, iFactr, AnyPresence, and ViziApps.

The announcement is a follow-up to a number of announcements Apperian has made recently, including publishing new API’s and announcing a dynamic policy framework that allows third parties to create additional policies to manage their mobility environment, or other services. 

The open API news focuses on the documentation and the publishing of these interfaces which handle the management of some of the key elements of mobility IT infrastructure. This allows applications, users, and groups, to take action based on the Apperian platform, including the ability to publish apps or doing app inspections while providing the opportunity to have the monitoring capability so that users know that the platform is running and then tie it up to other monitoring solutions.

A number of mobility vendors and Apperian partners have already leveraged the open APIs by integrating Apperian’s mobile app publishing capability into their technology including IBM Worklight, Appcelerator, Mobiquity, Xamarin, iFactr, AnyPresence, and ViziApps.

Read more: http://www.apperian.com/enterprise-application-man...

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