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Making the most money with Android
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Making the most money with Android

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Android Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The question of the day, how do I earn the most revenue with my android? It's a difficult quandary and we could argue points from all sides enough to fill this page.

The Intel developer blog this week talks about how you can earn the most money in the Android market with a balance of doing client-based work, and doing your own app development work.

They don't mention the fact that this rule only applies to developers not earning enough revenue to sustain themselves in the Android market, but they do say that it's best to spread anything you do over all existing android market to make the most of your efforts.

Having done client work and my own app development for a few years now I can certainly attest to the fact that doing my own stuff is more creative, and more enjoyable than the client side of things which I'm sure most other developers would agree with.

But the old saying goes "do what you got to do to survive", and if you're not making enough in the Android market to earn a living then considering client work is certainly a viable option – at least until you find the success you need with Android.

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