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Kinvey Integrates Gizmox's Visual WebGui HTML5 Platform

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3/4/2014 6:31:12 PM
Kinvey Integrates Gizmox's Visual WebGui HTML5 Platform
Posted Tuesday, March 04, 2014 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Kinvey Integrates Gizmoxs Visual WebGui HTML5 Platform
Kinvey has announced its integration with Gizmox's Visual WebGui HTML5 platform which allows developers to build apps using familiar languages and tools like C#,, and Visual Studio. These apps can then be deployed as native, cross-platform HTML5 or hybrid apps that run on any device. 

With Kinvey’s platform integrated with Visual WebGui, enterprise developers have access to Kinvey’s out-of-the-box user management, data encryption, push notifications, and other features that further enable the ability to focus on building applications quickly without worrying about technical distractions. 

Organizations can choose to use Kinvey’s standard cloud services or a dedicated instance on a private cloud or on-premise data center for additional security and standardization.

Kinvey makes a complete BaaS solution for enterprises, agencies and individual developers. Kinvey's patent-pending Data Link technology allows enterprise development teams to prototype new mobile business apps, mobilize critical legacy data, and integrate with public and private data sources rapidly and repeatedly.

Gizmox's Visual WebGui platform lets developers build HTML5 business apps using C# or VB.NET, and Visual Studio.  Visual WebGui apps can be deployed as native-quality HTML5 applications or as hybrid apps leveraging PhoneGap integration. Built specifically for the business app developer, Visual WebGui delivers enterprise app security and integration with enterprise-access control.  Gizmox lets .NET developers build enterprise-class mobile apps using familiar tools.


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