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Telerik's New Platform Could Kill The App As We Know it

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Posted Wednesday, February 26, 2014 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Teleriks New Platform Could Kill The App As We Know it
Technology, devices and industry standards are constantly changing on a daily basis. Today’s developers are forced to choose between creating native, hybrid or web apps and sticking to that initial choice for every app they build. Rather than choosing “how” to build an app, developers should first focus on “what” an app needs to do. 

Telerik has long been a champion of Adaptive Development. When the company introduced their new platform recently it wanted to put app developers and app requirements ahead of the development approach. The infographic simply illustrates how this approach addresses a need in the development space. To actually see hugely influential companies and technologies that are either completely (or on their way) out drives the point home, and highlights why developers need to adopt the adaptive development approach in order to future-proof their careers. - Steve Forte, chief strategic officer at Telerik.

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