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Android Developers Get New Ways to Access Intel’s XDK with New Intel Android Developer Zone
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Android Developers Get New Ways to Access Intel’s XDK with New Intel Android Developer Zone

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Android Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One of the sweetest exhibits we visited at Apps World last week was the Intel developer zone where the full suite of Intel’s developer offerings were on display. They’ve put some real muscle and thought behind mobile and are emerging as a serious player in the mobile sphere.

And while it seems that the full Intel Developer Zone team was working the crowd last week, someone must have stayed at the office as they rolled out a new Intel Android Developer Zone. It’s now responsive – as well as cleaner and easier to navigate and gets right to the stuff that developers need with five main pages.

The “Home Page” is just that, a landing place to get on with the business at hand. And to help make business easier, Intel has loaded the “Learn” section with tons of resources including articles, videos, code samples, documentation, insights, how-to advice, platform reference and more.

And the “Tools” section gets to the meat of the site, which is serious coding. Here you’ll find Intel’s C++ Compiler for revving up performance and Intel’s XDK to develop, emulate, test-on-device and build cross-platform apps. You’ll also find Intel’s IPP, offering an extensive library of software functions for Windows, Linux, Android, and OS X as well as Beacon Mountain Beta for Android v v0.6, Intel's development framework for native Android apps on Intel architecture and ARM processor-based devices.

And you won’t have to search for updates or any other information, because it’s all easy to find in the “What’s New” section.

As a developer, you really should check out what Intel has put together. As you can see from the accompanying image, a number of developers did just that at Apps World.

For more information visit the link below.

Read more: http://software.intel.com/en-us/android


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