RESTLET raises $2 million in funding to accelerate APISpark growth

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Posted 12/30/2013 9:48:35 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

RESTLET raises $2 million in funding to accelerate APISpark growth
CapDecisif Management and Siparex join forces with RESTLET for the future of web APIs.

RESTLET receives $2 million in seed funding from European venture funds (CapDecisif Management and Siparex) and from individual investors.

Thanks to this fundraising, RESTLET will reinforce its engineering team in France. More specifically, reinforce R&D and technical operations and will also boost its marketing activities in the U.S., from their office in the Silicon Valley.

Simultaneously, they welcome the following members of the board: Bertrand Diard, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Talend, Andreas Gall, board member of Siparex Proximity Innovation, Matthieu Hug, CEO of Fujitsu RunMyProcess, Jérôme Louvel CEO of Restlet, Reza Malekzadeh, VP Business of Cumulus Networks and Jérôme Snollaerts, CEO of CapDecisif Management.

Jérôme Snollaerts, manager of mutual funds CapDecisif 3 "welcomes this investment in Restlet, which has very high potential in the fast growing market of web API."

In turn, Andreas Gall explains: "Jérôme Louvel is part of the new generation of entrepreneurs that the team Siparex Innovation wishes to support in the long term, as they are both disruptive in a technological sense, but also bring new business models. We appreciate how Jérôme has built his project with a clear vision, always emphasizing scalability and user experience." Mathias Flattin adds: "He has been anticipating, for over 5 years, the paradigm shift associated with extensive connectivity and now provides a solution to democratize this new logic with all the economic and strategic issues involved for very small businesses and SME." Andreas Gall concludes:" This makes APISpark, a solution of high societal impact on which we will support Jérôme to make this commercial take-off phase a success."

More precisely, APISPark is a platform that was created in order to democratize REST and web APIs for web developers, in order to extend access beyond the community of API experts and Java engineers. The idea is that the creation of an API should be as simple as creating blogs on a few minutes, a browser and a fraction of the "Do It Yourself" cost. APISpark gathers the IDE, management and hosting into a unified platform as a service (PaaS) for APIs. APISpark is a freemium service any developer can use for free to get started.

This funds raising was coordinated by Paul Berrux, Director of Multeam, based in Paris.

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