New York High School Kids Get Intensive Training in App Programming

Posted 8/7/2014 1:50:45 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

New York High School Kids Get Intensive Training in App Programming
It’s a great idea, kids in high school learning to code. Ask any app developer if they would have preferred World Literature or JavaScript 101 and you can guess the answer.

The training is being provided by The Flatiron School which has announced a coding conservatory for motivated high school students. Flatiron After School, mirrored off of existing adult curriculum currently taught at The Flatiron School, will feature a rigorous 48 hour program taught over 12 weeks.  High school students, ages 14 - 18, will learn to build applications with modern languages, frameworks and tools including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

All courses are taught at The Flatiron School campus at 11 Broadway in the heart of Wall Street in downtown NYC. The program is led by a number of instructors at specializing in web development.

Enrollment is now open. Students can select from two formats, classes that meet once a week, for a four-hour session, or classes that meet twice a week for two-hour sessions each. The structure of the program was designed to allow for flexibility in schedules.

Over the past two years, The Flatiron School has prepared more than 200 students to build web and mobile applications in just 12 weeks. Most students began the program with little to no technical knowledge and quickly became market-ready coders. The School says that 98% of Flatiron School graduates are now employed as software engineers at notable companies including the NY Times, Etsy, Boeing and more. 

The Flatiron School was established in 2013 by founders Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum as a new approach to programming education in the NYC area. The Flatiron School method to coding education is marked by their approach to teaching, rigor, stringent acceptance rates and philosophy to coding. All classes are taught in-person by highly skilled instructors across web and mobile development. The Flatiron School is a recognized partner of NYC Department of Small Business Services, creating opportunities for all New Yorkers. 

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