AdStage Launches New App Partnership Program and Platform API to Enhance Advertising Platform

Posted 3/3/2014 5:00:13 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

AdStage Launches New App Partnership Program and Platform API to Enhance Advertising Platform
The AdStage advertising platform is a self-serve cross-network online advertising platform with management and analytics across search, display, social and mobile ad networks like GoogleBingFacebook & LinkedIn. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform, with an integrated app system, for advertisers of all sizes.

The company has released the Ad Scrambler app which allows advertisers to create and AB test dozens of ad variations across multiple networks automatically. AdStage has also integrated the first AdStage Partner Apps into the platform covering PPC keyword discovery and landing page optimization. 

Also released is the new Wordtracker keyword discovery app which helps advertisers find relevant keywords to populate their paid search campaigns without leaving AdStage. Additionally, new apps for Unbounce and Optimizely allow advertisers to build and test landing pages to maximize the revenue they generate from each click. With the inclusion of these apps, there are now ten apps available today within AdStage.

AdStage has also announced a new App Partnership Program which allows developers of complementary marketing apps to integrate their products directly into AdStage using the new AdStage Platform API. AdStage App Partners are able manage, market and monetize their apps to thousands of advertisers on AdStage through the app gallery and co-marketing campaigns. Additional AdStage App Partners include ReTargeter, Canned BannersMixRankand Thinkstock.

The AdStage Platform is available now with promotional beta pricing of $99 per month with a 30-day free trial. Over 6,000 businesses have joined the wait list and paid customers include New RelicCotapTapsense, and AdRise. AdStage has over $500,000 of daily budgeted ad spend between 8,600 active campaigns across all Google, Facebook, Bing & LinkedIn. AdStage is now focusing on growing its user base, expanding support for new ad networks and ad types and growing the team.

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About the author: RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

As the co-founder of App Developer Magazine, Richard has several industry recognitions and endorsements from tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google for accomplishments in the mobile market. He was part of the early Google AFMA program, and also involved in the foundation of Google TV. He has been developing for mobile since 2003 and serves as CEO of Moonbeam Development, a mobile app company with 200 published titles in various markets throughout the world. Richard is also the founder of LunarAds, a mobile cross-promotion and self-serv mediation network for developers. He has been a featured presenter at trade-shows and conferences, and stays active with new projects relating to mobile development.

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